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SEABEX, what is it?

SEABEX is an e-monitoring and smart automation system that helps farmers find the right balance of water consumption needed to get the better quality and quantity production.


SEABEX is able to monitor and control in real time the key environmental parameters of a farm, interacts and reacts autonomously and appropriately to any environmental parameter variation with minimum level of human intervention.

Have a better visibility
for a better decision making


Irrigation Plan

  • Automate your irrigation by composing your scheduled plan from the simplest to the most advanced
  • Thanks to a real time dashboard, you are able to follow the on/off status of your in-field equipment
  • Check your irrigation history and water consumption by sector at any time.


Using IoT devices

  • The data is collected in real time from the in-field sensors 
  • SEABEX IoT devices can act and react autonomously according to preset scenarios and environmental parameters
  • All the data is transmitted in real time or asynchronously to the Cloud and made available in a monitoring dashboard

“Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Direct Impact

We help farmers to get better quality and quantity

Save Resources

(Water, Energy, Fertilizers)

Increase the agriculture production

smart irrigation

Save irrigation time planning

Reduce Water & Energy costs

“With SEABEX, you take the right decision at the right time”

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With Seabex, we project for a big social impact! So join us to create a fair, a green and more efficient world